Repair water purifier in Thuan An

Your water purifier is having an error, you want to repair it quickly to continue using it for your family. Call repair water purifier in Thuan An Binh Duong right away. Hotline: 097 439 7557 08 5206 6048

Service repair water purifier in Thuan An

Binh Duong Water Filter Company specializes in supplying, installing and repair water purifier in Thuan An. With many years of experience in the industry, we have met and repaired many cases of water purifier failures in Thuan An and districts and towns in Binh Duong. 

Please contact us via the hotline: 097 439 7557 - 08 5206 6048 technical department will advise your questions in detail.

Repair water purifier in Thuan An

Common water purifier errors and how to fix them

Water leaked out.

- When loosening the screws, plastic, washer loosening at the location of the filter cup, due to animal biting off the water line.

how to fix
- Unplug, lock the water supply valve for the machine
- Wipe away leaking water and observe carefully where the leak is fixed.

When opening the tap, no pure water comes out.

1. Pressure lock valve
=> Open the pressure lock valve
2. Due to weak pump
=> Check the pressure before the RO membrane. The pressure at this position is best over 60PSI. Without a meter, we can observe the amount of water coming out of the pipe (inclined 45 ° to the horizontal) about 30 cm and it is very difficult to hold your hand due to pressure. The force of water pushed out proves the pressure is relatively good. If the water pressure here is weak, try a new pump test.
- Note that before changing the pump need to exhaust air thoroughly to avoid confusion.
3. Loose connector, fire damaged Adapter
=> Test Adapter, re-plug or replace adapter
4. No feed water
=> Do not run off the tap water will not run resulting in no clean water.
5. Air equipment: Due to the process of installing or replacing the coarse filter elements that do not discharge air, repairing the water supply pipe for the machine, installing the supply water into the washing machine and then entering the RO water purifier.
 => Lock the valve of water tank, open the hose used to observe clean water and sewage lines. If the air is air, clean water and sewage will have air bubbles. You can refer to the article how to handle air equipment
=> In this case we just need to remove the quail in front of the RO membrane to release gas.
6. Block coarse filter number 1,2,3 or all 3 cores
=> Due to long-term use, the coarse filter core is sediment, low water pressure. => To check if the number 1 core is clogged, we just need to remove the core from the cup and run the machine without the number 1 core. If the machine runs, the pure water is in a small stream and both show that the core 1 switches. . We check the same with core number 2, number 3-> Replace filter element
7. Blockage of RO filter
=> Waste water is much without pure water. Check water pressure before RO membrane. If the pressure is good, the chances of clogging are high. Need new RO membrane replacement. Note that before removing the membrane need to remove to check whether the membrane is hard, viscous or have buckled film leaves? Reassemble and try again.
Water filtration system has a rattling sound when it is in operation.

1. The coarse filter core is dirty, clogged, and the water is pumped less
=> Replace the filter element
2. The booster pump plug is worn out
=> Repair or replace the pump
The pump is still running but water is flowing slowly or there is no water flowing out.

1. Electric pump with low pressure below 65 psi
=> Repair or replace the pump
2. RO membrane is clogged
=> Replace RO membrane
3. The coarse filter core is clogged
=> Replace the filter cores 1, 2, 3 (Note which damaged core instead of that core should not replace all 3 to avoid waste)
4. The limit valve is installed in the wrong direction
=> Reversing valve limit
5. The exhaust valve has been hidden by foreign matter or has not been safely locked
=> Clear the valve and lock the safety valve securely

Repair water purifier in Binh Duong

The tap water is too weak.

1. The air pressure in the pressure vessel is too weak
=> Adding more air to the tank, if still not possible, need to replace the booster tank
2. The carbon filter is out of date or deposits
=> Replace the filter element
3. The water inlet hose is clogged due to foreign matter getting into the tube or the airway is blocked
=> Reclaim the pipe, reconnect the hose and air discharge
Waste water is still flowing when the water purification system stops working.

1. High water pressure at the fitting, over 40psi
=> Adjust the pressure of the high pressure switch - Adjust the pressure drop
2. The water supply valve has an alien object blocking the pipe or the system has not completely shut down
=> Replace valve, clear pipe
3. There is no limit valve or reverse valve limit valve
=> Install the limit valve or if there is already a limit valve, reverse the limit valve properly

Repair process for water purifier

Repairing water purifiers and repairing other household appliances, we have strict procedures to save customers' time and money.

Step 1: Customer reports the status of the machine, the technician will check and quote the repair

Step 2: If the customer agrees, the technician will carry out the repair

Step 3: After repairing, the technician will check with the customer together

Step 4: Technician hand over the device to the customer and write an invoice.

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Commitment to customers
- Check the right disease, quote the right price
- Team of professional technicians, high sense of responsibility
- Quick repair
- Warranty after repair
- Professional customer care policy

Contact information

- Website: locnuocbinhduong.vn

- Phone: 08 5206 6048 - 097 439 7557.

- Add 1: No. 60/3 DT743, An Phu Commune, Thuan An Town, Binh Duong Province.

- Add 2: No. 115A Le Quang Dinh, Ward 14, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City

- Add 3: No. 87 Tran Dinh Xu, Nguyen Cu Trinh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City



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