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Service repair water purifier at home Binh Duong

You are having trouble with your water purifier. You fight it forever but the problem is not solved. Now you feel helpless and need support. Call repair water purifier in Binh Duong: 08 5206 6048 - 097 439 7557 for advice and support from our technician at home (if you need).

Repair water purifier

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Common water purifier errors and how to fix them

Feed water valve: supply water inlet. There are two states of closing and opening supply water. The machine does not work, you should pay attention to whether the valve is open or not

1. Filter element 1: PP thread, blocking particles> 5 micro in size. The core is too dirty, water cannot come through, so you should change it.

2. Filter element 2: Activated carbon, absorbing flavors, colors ... rarely dirty compared to core number 1, so change periodically about 6 months (sometimes dirty water sources beyond core No. 2 also cannot avoid the Clogged)

3. Filter element 3: PP thread, blocking particles> 1 micron in size. Should change every 6 months.

4. Low pressure valve:

Inlet water control. This is a switch that uses pressure, runs 24 V. In the case of weak water, dehydration ... the valve will automatically cut power to the pump, the machine will not work to avoid the pump fire. When the water pressure is sufficient, the valve will close and the machine will operate.

5. Pump:

DC run - 24 V. Create water pressure for RO membrane (pressure range from 2.5kg to 4kg of water)

6. High pressure valve:

Control water output. This is a pressure switch, powered by 24V. In case of filtered water filled pressure vessel containing water valve will cut off electricity to the pump will automatically stop running. When the water shortage in the pressure tank out, the valve will close the water purifier automatically runs.

7. RO membrane: the heart of RO water purifier. The water that passes through this membrane becomes sterile purified water.

8. Pressure vessels Also known as water tanks. Structure: designed in a vessel as if it had a ball of gas to create pressure to push water onto the hose. When pure water is filtered after the RO membrane will be contained here. Inflatable pressure of about 0.8 kg / cm2.

9. Pressure cylinder lock valve: two states of lock and open. Actual use is always open. So if the machine has just been turned off, see if you have opened the valve

10. Waste water drainage valve.

Automatic drain valve, also called Flow valve: During the process of filtering dirty sewage will always flow

It is possible to deduce the underlying errors that may be encountered but not due to a broken machine:

Repair water purifier in Binh Duong
- The pump is not running:

+ Water tank is full: high pressure valve cut

+ Unopened water supply valve: cut off low pressure valve

+ Water is too weak: low pressure valve cut. In this case, just turn off the low pressure valve, the machine works normally. Note, in this case, it should be remembered that the input water tank must always have water, if there is no water, the pump will run or the water will be damaged.

+ Blockage of supply pipe, too dirty core remove pipe, discharge dirty. Remove the filter element and replace it.

- Waste water is very strong, there is no water in the pressure vessel:

- Open the tap to get water: Water flows out slowly

+ New filter machine, no water

+ Valve head is in the locked state to open.

So that you can know the basic errors and how to fix them, you can fix them yourself or call us. Repairing water purifier in Binh Duong is always ready to serve customers.

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